Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Wet Derriere Detail

Currently my favourite picture, and the one I've had most positive feedback on.
I like this because of the contrasts: the curves and straight lines, the tension where her lingerie joins and the softness where her own curves meet. And of course because that it is again the details that for me hold the most eroticism.

Hot, Wet

A similar image, but here using light to create some mystery, but still reveal the utterly feminine lines and curves.

Red and Wet

One of my favourite images. I had quite a few comments from female photographers that enjoyed the way that her most intimate parts are covered - they believed it makes this more sensual and erotic.



Derriere and Panties 4

This is a re-work of a picture from a previous session, but also the beginning of some experiements with red and black and white you'll see in other posts. This one has turned up on a lot of other sites, so guess I'm not the only one that appreciates this sight.

Cleft 2

Last one in this series.